Where are my war friends Some weeks ago I went to a restaurant with two of my friends

Where are my war friends?
Some weeks ago, I went to a restaurant with two of my friends. It was the weirdest restaurant ever and I didn't quickly notice anything until I had finished two wraps of eba.. Suddenly I felt like I was in a shrine even though I had never been in one before...I was shocked that my friends had similar thoughts.
Later that night, as I walked home with one of the friends we had gone to eat together, the incident came to our minds again, and I could sense fear lingering over us. Then we began to confess the word.
'The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...'
'He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high....'
'He who knew no sin became sin for us that we may be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus....'
'It is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me..'
And on and on, we went. Soon we felt really light and even though the fears were gone, we didn't stop cos we were enjoying ourselves, chewing on God's word.
Why did I bring up this story.
Some days ago, I stumbled on Allison Bisongs Hyacintho post titled 'War room or War spouse.' That article caught my attention, but there was this part that stayed glued to my heart. Below are those life changing words:
'Guys, having a war room is great, a place of quiet peace where you can always go in, shut yourself out of the noisy world, and just spend with God and win your battles of faith.
'But imagine if this room was your husband or wife? Imagine if your spouse was the sanctuary where all your battles of faith are fought and won. Imagine if your spouse was that quiet room where you always go and spend time with God in sweet fellowship. Wouldn't it be better? It will be like you're going everywhere with the ARK of God. '
Even though I caught that rhema for the future, because I value singleness greatly, I thought so deeply on how this could fit into my present state..
Can you rememeber the scripture that talked about fleshly lusts that war against our souls? What about the verse that deals with warring a good warfare and fighting wars not done in the physical...
This is what many of us think when we talk about fighting spiritual battles. Gather singles sisters into your room and hold a powerful four hours vigil... or call single brothers for a three day dry fasting to the school's sport complex and do some serious kabashing...Beautiful plans. But that's not all this war is about...
Now back to my story..., do you know as I walked down my street with my friend, confessing those scriptures, we were engaged in warfare?
Do you know that those days when you sit with your friends in a circle, sharing deep thing from God's word, a battle was going on...a battle for your mind...that seeks to replace God's word with the world's distraction.
What about that day when you held the hands of your friend at the back of the lecture hall and asked God to intervene in the storm seeking to tear her family apart.
What about that morning when you shared a revelation knowledge you have received with a friend on watsapp and she does same...and both of you go about your business refreshed and strengthened.
Singles, do not take any little time you spend with friends engaging in spiritual discussion a child's play. We must not wait until we have a prayer schedule and calculated time before engaging in warfare. Besides, there is no greater war than the battle of our minds...The place where the devil seeks to take control.
Where are your war friends?
You need them now than ever. The world is ready to choke your christian growth. Listen, there will be days when strength will fail you, when you may not be able to utter a word to God, but these blessed friends will have your back.
One small discussion can pull you away from those plenty distractions. You shouldn't be a believer in Christ and not have at least a friend with whom you can share your faith...a person who will serve as God's instrument to water your dry soil when life seems so unfair.
That beloved child of God who, when your sword is weak, will place hands on yours and help sharpen them.
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