This touched me deeply please read this article by Arc Mathew Onoba

This touched me deeply, please read this article by Arc Mathew Onoba. I, like him, also have a deep and profound love for Ndigbo... my people. My father was one of the most prominent and ardent supporters of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. He, a yoruba elder, contested for governor of my state under the banner of NPP. Such was his love for one Nigeria and for the Igbo people of Nigeria, a love he instilled in all of his children. Two of my sisters married into Igbo families from Isiala Ngwa (Abia State) and Akwa Etiti (Anambra State). My most senior leadership team includes a significant number of formidable Igbo men & women.
These evil and malicious proclamations going around social media, released by old men who see themselves as youth, are a sinister attempt to invoke a reaction in the populace. We must not dignify them with the response that they so desperately crave.
We must rest in the assurance that God has gone before us, seen this ahead and revealed it through numerous prophetic voices. We must respond in faith and in the wisdom of God. Let us confound these local & foreign principalities with a response that is God inspired and not a reaction of the flesh.
Let us all, with one resounding voice, declare our unwavering love for our brothers & sisters from Igbo land and put these forces to shame. From the North, the West, the Middle Belt and the South-South, we say.. "God bless our nation Nigeria and God bless our precious Igbo people and the grace and blessings that they add to this great nation".

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