Keep your hearts away from ghosts You are a sister Last week you turned 34 and that same day marked the 5th year of cuddling and nurturing a ghost

Keep your hearts away from ghosts
You are a sister. Last week you turned 34 and that same day marked the 5th year of cuddling and nurturing a ghost. This Ghost has a name. His name is Gbenga. Fine dude with lot of swags and potentials.
This was how your adventure with the ghost began....five years ago.
On the morning of your birthday, you were crying and pleading with God to lead you to a man to marry. Then you heard a name. 'Gbenga.' You jumped to your feet. Which Gbenga? There is only one Gbenga you know. He works in the ushering section of your church. For the next four hours, you allow his image float in your mind. You wonder what it will it be like to marry him. The thoughts caressing the walls of your mind is sweeter than honey. But you've never spoken to him except for the 'thank you' response to his 'Good morning, welcome to church' greeting on Sunday mornings.
You called your best friend and excitedly narrated the 'I have seen my will' story. She told you a story about another friend of hers who waited eight years without saying a word to the brother until he showed up. You decide to wait. Until he shows up.
Every morning and night, he takes the center of your prayer points. In church, you could hardly count the number of times you stole glances at him during services. Recently you got an offer for a job in Abuja but you refused to take it because Gbenga works in Lagos and It would be tedious for you to shuffle between Abuja and Lagos after your wedding.
You've already downloaded 15 pictures of his from Facebook. You stared longingly at them at them, running your fingers over the pictures. One day after a Youth program in church, you saw him standing at the far back of the church laughing and chatting with your friends and some other members of the Youth group. You moved to a corner and fixed your gaze on him. I will not join the conversation, you said. You want the church to be surprised when the supernatural happens.
When they would ask, 'how did you do it?'
You would smile and share the powerful testimony.
' it was God o.You won't believe I've never really spoken to him before. I waited for five years. In fact, it was not an easy something o. But I heard God telling me he will bring Gbenga at the right time. And yes he did. He showed up. God went to his heart and said exactly the same thing He told me. It's just amazing.'
The following week, on your way home from a visit to your aunt who was ill at the hospital, you stumble into Tina. She used to attend your church until she got a job in Ibadan. After the plenty 'how are you' 'it's been ages', you asked her what business brought her to Lagos.
'I came to buy my wedding things o. My wedding is in two months time.'
'Really, congrats. Do I know the person?'
'Sure. Bro Gbenga.' You stared at her, stunned. She took your expression to mean you didn't know the person and explained. 'That slender brother that works in the ushering department. He is dark skinned with afro hair. You should know him. '
You nodded slowly.
Someone will read the story and say, 'Ife shut up jare. What do you know. I've been married for ten years and I knew close to nothing about my husband when I accepted his proposal. But I have known in my heart for three years that I was his missing rib. But we never talked. Even the day we sat together in the bus, I didn't utter a word. Yet we are happily married.
Thank God for your experience. It is obviously not needed here..so shift biko.
Christian single ladies, issues of the heart are critical. One dangerous thing you can do to yourself is to harbour a ghost in your heart. By ghost, I mean a man who does not even know you exist, a person who does not see you beyond a sister or brother in Christ. Whether you had a dream or saw a vision, the moment you begin to wrap him round your heart, you will be creating problems for yourself. Imagine, already you are praying for the children you will have with him and mentioning his name every day to God. Kilode?
You are even praying that God will protect him and prosper all that concerns him. You are bulldozing heaven on his behalf, destroying the works of darkness and schemes of the evil one. Biko, don't ask me if it's not good to pray for the brethren...you know your motive...and you have not realised that you are narrowing your mind and causing delay for yourself.
Instead of, 'Lord, as Jide and I begin this journey into marriage together...change the 'Jide' to 'future spouse.' Turn your focus towards what God is saying about your future, your dreams, getting a brighter picture of what's ahead, where you fit into his divine plan for you and all that he wants you and your future partner to do for his glory rather than spending all your prayer time calling one name in every prayer point. It's fine to present his name to God, asking for confirmation but that's it...
Hold on to the things God is saying about the future not a name or a person. God will not be mad at you for getting to know the 'ghost'... Make findings, have a conversation with the ghost, Ask questions. You may just find out your true motives, that behind that drama minister or choir master or usher is an abusive man or a man who despise the call of God on your life.
Be flexible with God and with yourself. Everything will fit in His time.
...Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issue of life....
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