Keep religion out of my business The first day I set my eyes on Mummy Estate that s what they call her

Keep religion out of my business!
The first day I set my eyes on 'Mummy Estate'(that's what they call her. She owns 40% of the houses in that estate), I wasn't sure if I liked her, although something in my heart pulled me to her.
Now, this wasn't entirely my fault. I was new in that area and some of the people I met in the district church had something awful to say about her.
'That woman is terrible. Jesus! She is wicked and proud.'
'Mummy estate? Don't step on her toes o. If she deals with you ehn. Your life will never remain the same.'
'If you see what she did to me? She threw me out of her school because I was preaching to the other teachers. Imagine that, and she calls herself a Christian.'
Then I met Cynthia, my old school mate. Cynthia had moved to Ibadan after her wedding. I'm not good at meeting new friends, so seeing her in that district gave me so much joy. One day, I brought up my worries about Mummy Estate cos I was liking her by the day but I couldn't get pass all that I had heard. but Cynthia looked at me and smiled.
'That woman...Ife, that woman is wonderful. She is my mentor. I will never be able to pay for the experiences and support I have receive from her. Is it in child training? Understanding my husband, sex issues? Name it girl. That woman sabi everything o.'
I looked at Cynthia, puzzled.
'You should meet her daughter. She is returning to the country next week. We'll go see her together.'
What I saw when I got to that woman's house shocked me. I opened my mouth agape as we sat in the living room chatting and talking. She is funny, interesting and her mouth is full of wisdom. The way she related with her daughter nko? But something happened that evening. The man who was supposed to fix the dishwasher came in. Mummy Estate's face changed.
'Kayode, what is it by your time?'
'I'm sorry ma. I-'
'You are always sorry but you will never change. I called you like five times today.'
The man postrated. 'I'm sorry ma. You know how busy I am in church. Last week was the prayer and fasting program. And the upper week, we had to go for rehearsals in preparation for the men's convention.'
'I'm tired of your excuses! Do you want to be a full time Pastor or a technician. Choose one!'
I stared at the woman speechless.
'Now, the last time you fixed this dishwasher, I gave you your complete cash, abi?
He nodded, his face down.
'You said because the dishwasher was imported, you needed to get the original tool to replace the old one. You collected money to buy the original. Two weeks after you fixed it, it got spoilt again. You gave me another story. Yesterday, I called Badoo, the apprentice you sent away, He looked at it and told me you got a fake product.
'Shut up let me finish. I thought he was lying. He took me to a supplier who spotted the difference between yours and the original.'
'I couldn't find the original, that's why-'
'Get out of my house. Now!'
Daddy Estate stood up. 'You heard her. Get out!'
I saw how calm she was afterwards as she faced me and continued with her gist. She smiled at me and said.
'You should pay a visit to one of my schools. It's a new crèche I opened at Oluyole Estate.'
I was surprised when I got there and found the teachers and care takers all holding hands and praying. Mummy Estate was in the center of the circle leading the prayers. I was amazed at the facilities and the way cars trooped into the compound even though it was newly opened
After the prayers, The beautiful woman whom I had come to adore, my woman crush, smiled and said. 'Alright, let's get to work!' Everybody dispersed quickly.
As I moved from one class to another, mesmerized by the colourful surrounding, I overheard one of the cleaner talking to another cleaner.
'Mummy Estate is very principled o. She does not look at anybody's face at all. One of her church members, Alice, she sack am sharp sharp.'
'Wetin she do?'
'You mean Alice? Alice is very dirty. Pickin go dey cry, she no go change im pampers and she can shout on the children ehn... After the first query, she did not change. Mummy Estate gave her sack letter. She beg beg. For where. Na that day I know say, If you no take your work serious. She go show you door comot.'
'I like her o. For four months since I came here, she has never owed us money. she dey caring sef. See the things wey she dey give us every three three months.'
I smiled and turned towards the staircase that led to her office. Mummy Estate was standing at the foot of the stair case, giving out instructions, her hands moving, her eyes working. I sighed deeply. She smiled at me and waved. It's obvious she likes me. I like her too. Well, I guess I've gotten me a mentor.
This is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the work of the writer's imagination.
When I remember the story of a 'bro' who got away with the property of my mother many years ago, when I remember how people use church membership to carry out terrible tasks, when I hear how someone who 'rapes' his wife move from one bustop to another analysing narrow way v. broad way....I just want to scream:
Leave religion out of my business!
If you keep using church, prayer meeting, Bible studies to cover up for your laziness and poor delivery in your secular work, this prophecy might just be waiting at your doorpost:
...He that is not diligent in his business will not stand before Kings but before mean men...
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