I came across this today and since it wasn t share enabled I had to copy and post it

I came across this today and since it wasn't 'share' enabled I had to copy and post it. It is the truth, hard as it may seem...
A 1963 Harvard graduate said this:
*_"My one big mistake in life has been providing a trust fund for my five' children. I'm very comfortable paying for an education for as long as they want to study in a reputable university. However, providing additional funds so they could have a lifestyle beyond what they have achieved on their own was a mistake."_*
A leadership teacher, John Maxwell says and I quote:
*_"If you do everything for your children, what will they do for themselves?"_*
By the time they finish university education, we have slaved and built houses for them, put car keys in their hands and bankrolled their wedding.
*_What will they do for themselves?_*
In the course of doing these for them, some people develop hypertension and all sorts of illnesses. Some slump and die. Some even steal to achieve these for their children.
*I submit to you all that inheritance goes beyond material things. Give your children the right values, strong character and a revelatory knowledge of the power they carry as a creature of God!*
*_Then they will create water to sell in the dessert and sell sand to the Arabs to build mansions for themselves._*
Do something for your children to make them have a softer take off.
The keyword is *_"take off"._*
Do not *_take over_* their lives because you yourself have your life to live.
*Think about these things critically and adjust your approach religiously. Above all teach them the word of God!!!*

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