Strength training can be so confusing right

Strength training can be so confusing,right?!? But it’s SO important to do - muscle burns more calories, your heart rate still gets up, you feel strong, lifting and carrying all the kids is easier. ??......

 2021-11-04   0

Obligatory I m traveling solo bathroom selfie

Obligatory “I’m traveling solo!” bathroom selfie ?? Mama is headed to Vegas sans kiddos and hubby! ? (Bless Marc for being super dad while I’m away) I’m so grateful for the all-expense paid Leadership......

 2021-11-04   0

HUGE Congrats to our Team s Top 10 this week

HUGE Congrats to our Team's Top 10 this week!!! It's so fun to see some new faces up there! These ladies are crushing their fit biz's and helping so many people stay ON TRACK for the holidays this sea......

 2021-11-02   0

Mua phin pha café ở đâu chất lượng, giá rẻ?

Để có được những tách café ngon thì không thể nào thiếu được phin pha café. Những chiếc phin sẽ giúp người pha chế tạo ra một ly café thơm ngon. Chính vì thế, việc chọn mua phin pha café sao cho chất......

 2021-10-30   0

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